An Editor’s New Year’s Resolutions

  1. I resolve to stop making my writers wait so damn long to get pagesback. I have work from months ago that I haven’t looked at yet and it’s going to either move on without me (sad for me) or be given up on (sad for the writer).
  2. I resolve to buy more blue pens. It’s about small steps, right? I like to edit in the calming color of blue so that it stands out against the black ink without bringing up memories of slaughtered elementary school essays. When I go to edit, I struggle to find blue pens in my purse even though it’s a freaking Mary Poppins’s bag. Solution: buy more.
  3. I resolve to blog consistently. Notice how I conveniently ignored that six week gap in writing with my last blog entry? Well, I got in a car accident and that just threw my consistency out the window while I tried to clean that up. But I resolve now to get back in my editorial groove.
  4. I resolve to journal more consistently. Okay this is definitely on the personal side of these resolutions, but the reality is when I get my thoughts out in my own writing, it’s less like to get projected onto someone else’s. Plus, it just makes me happier. Happy editors are better than irritable ones, right?
  5. I resolve to seek out new writers that want to work with me. I want to expand my experience by working with different kinds of writers and different kinds of writing. Specifically (maybe it’s sexist), I’d like to work with a woman since all my regular writers are men.

In typical fashion, I’ll belatedly raise my glass of the finest champagne a barely-more-than-minimum-wage salary can afford and toast to a better year. Don’t worry, I didn’t spill on any pages.